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Default Re: Got my wife an iPhone 4

Originally Posted by Maverick123w View Post
I just hate how Android runs like crap. Sure My Droid X loaded a webpage 3 seconds faster than my wife's iphone but it certainly wasn't as smooth and would hitch constantly.

Once I rooted it and loaded a rom it got better, but I honestly don't want to deal with that. It's not my gaming computer that I love to screw with, my phone is a necessity and I need it to just work.

I'm considering an iPhone, along with Win Phone 7 especially if iOS 5 brings about the needed changes.
Android don't run like crap here... HTC Desire HD Android 2.3...smooth as hell with no glitches at all, just as it was before i updated to gingerbread. Went to Android from iphone 4 and will never look back.
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