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Originally Posted by Sidric View Post
I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to these games. I've actually restarted 4 times since originally playing the game. Not just because I wasn't happy with my talent choices (although that was one of them, man I would kill for a respec mod right about now), but I wasn't satisfied with what decisions I made and what sort of character I had molded Geralt into. I kind of like to follow a certain theme when playing (i.e. compassionate, knightly as opposed to renegade, don't care attitudes) and if a certain decision seems "out of character" it bugs the crap out of me and I usually end up restarting. I would normally reload a save, but this game's save management system is garbage and takes up too much space, not too mention killing my load times when I go to the main menu.

So anyway, that's why I know quite a bit of how this game works. A side effect of starting the game over and over is that I do a lot of research into the game's mechanics, and what builds work/what builds don't work.

Also, I'd like to provide a tip for anyone having trouble making money in this game. Once you get to Chapter 2, go to the forest just outside Vergen and farm the crap of those nekkers. I made about 7k orens in under an hour using this method. More details in this link:

The instructions on how to do it are in section 7. Credit to the original author of course.
Wow, I just read that faq and feel like I've already missed so much. I just completed the troll quest and now I feel like I need to start the game new.

Thanks for the tips though, there's so much to this game I always feel like I'm missing something.
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