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Default Re: MS to give out new 360slims if firmware breaks your 360

Well the update just broke mine about 30 minutes ago. Never had any problems with my older Elite until this update. It rebooted after it was done then logged into Live and even seemed a little snappier then BAM the screen went all nuts and the console locked up. Rebooted it and was greeted to 3 red rings.
I called XBOX support and he said he doubts it was because of the update but luckily I have 1 month left on the red ring warranty of 3 years so I have to send it in for repair. He made no mention of replacing it with a new 250gb model. I told him I damn well better get an Elite back at least. He said it would either be an Elite or a newer one.
I didn't think to ask though, since he told me to keep my hard drive, if I do get a new one how the hell am I suppsoed to use the old hard drive since it won't fit the new ones?
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