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It depends on the linux distribution.
You may have a look at /usr/src/linux for a file called
.config . Use the a editor and search for MTRR.
If you have something like MTRR=y, then MTRR is compiled
into the kernel. If MTRR=n then it is not compiled into the kernel.
or MTRR=m is compiled as module.I am not sure if a module
is a good option for MTRR. I think the best think is to have it compiled
into your kernel.
The other place where you can find the config may be in
/boot/config_bla_bla. . Don't forget to install your kernel sources,
if you want to recompile your kernel. .

for recompilation you go into your kernel source directory.
type following commands:
make oldconfig // this creates a .config file with should be identical to your
installed kernel config file.
make dep // this creates your dependecies
make clean // this cleans old object files needed for compilation
make bzImage // this compiles a new kernel
make modules // this recompiles all the modules
make modules_install // this installs all the modules

* these commands may be different based on your distro.
No Garranties.

copy the new kernel into your /boot/ directory
this is a very brief description to put you on the right path.
It is not complete in any way, that's why
consult your manuals, before starting to recompile your kernel.
You can damage your Operating System and may loose all
your Data. So make backup of all your data, you don't want
to loose.

*I do not take any responsibility for any damage caused
by this email. That's why check out the kernel how to's and your
manuals in more detail.

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