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Unhappy lockups w/ Quadro 1000M and 64 bit Ubuntu 11.04, Fedora 15 w/ 270.41.19 or 270.41.06


I have a Thinkpad W520 with the display set to "Discrete..." in the bios, which sets it to the Quadro 1000M. With both Fedora 15 and Ubuntu 11.04 32 bit I have had no problems with the nVidia drivers. However, I have had terrible luck with the 64 bit distros & drivers. I am pretty confident that the fault is with the nVidia driver because in the 64 bit versions of Fedora 15 and Ubuntu 11.04 everything worked fine when my display was set to "Integrated..." in the bios, and switching to the nVidia adapter and driver caused the following stability issues (I tried both driver versions 270.41.19 and 270.41.06 w/ the same results as far as these lockups are concerned):

On 64 bit Ubuntu 11.04:

1. When I unplug the AC adapter from the laptop, the system locks up within a few seconds. I don't see anything helpful in /proc/kmesg or /var/log/syslog when this occurs. I am unable to ssh into the system when it locks up.

2. When I try to adjust the screen brightness, the system locks up. I haven't actually tried sshing in under this circumstance. I should mention that I've tried adding
Option "RegistryDwords" "EnableBrightnessControl=1"
under the "Device" section of my xorg.conf, and it didn't help.

3. When I unsuspend the system, there is a ~50% chance that it will successfully unsuspend. After failed unsuspend I am unable to ssh in.

On 64 bit Fedora 15:

When the nvidia adapter is enabled the system simply won't boot. It locks up well before I would be able to ssh into it. If I leave the default kernel parameters it locks up almost immediately, but if I set turn off the quiet and rhgb options it seems to get slightly farther (and I can see some console output, but nothing that is of obvious help) before locking up.

It's most important to me to resolve the issues w/ 64 bit Ubuntu 11.04, so I've generated a nvidia-bug-report.log.gz for this configuration, though it's before the lockup due to not being able to ssh in afterwards.

Has anyone had success using these 64 bit drivers with a Quadro 1000M? With what distro and version? I really don't want to be running 32 bit linux on this system.

Thanks in advance for any help or information,
- Peter
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