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Default Re: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 - America Under Siege teaser trailer

Originally Posted by Redeemed View Post
You know, the visuals of CoD don't really bother me. Yes, I'd appreciate some higher resolution texture, more polys, etc. What I'd really enjoy more though, is far greater focus and emphasis on the SP. More "Oohh, ahhh!" moments. I'll never forget the beginning of the first CoD where you're parachuting down, and you see the flak all around you and a plane ends up getting shot down... nothing now days but back then even though it was scripted, it looked and sounded amazing. I'm talking stuff like that. Things that are just epic to watch, and look way cool.

Don't really have that in the new ones. So maybe update the engine with higher res textures at least for the PC, more polys and maybe some other visual goodies- but then turn the turbo on for the SP campaign- really put some time into. Develop the plot, the atmosphere, and throw in those epic cinematic moments.

That'd be enough for me.
I have yet to finish the BO single player....i played a bit, but everytime the patch came out it restarted the entire single player story :/....and it was very unplayable on release and it took them a 2-3 months to sort out the frame rate issue.

Not being able to skip on those videos is annoying as well...they flash soo much!!!...

People who say Visuals are not important, its the gameplay that counts...yea i somewhat agree on that, but having really bad graphics can make the atmosphere of the game pretty **** as well....

its not like visuals can't be amazing...they are holding it back on purpose since consoles can't keep up....and they can't have the pc platform looking so well...

defiantly not gonna get mw3...for 90USD i rather buy BF3. or a ton of other games or even some indie games..

the plot in mw2/bo is pretty ****...refer to Duty Calls video as a perfect example of what the story is...BO just had everything exploding constantly...and add some white flashes every .5ms...
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