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Originally Posted by Yaboze View Post
Did anyone have problems with quests that lead you in a direction to talk to NPC's and there's nobody there?

I am on Chapter 2 and I had to go talk to Dandelion and he wasn't at the spot where he was showing on the quest marker. I ended up finding him in the Inn. Even worse, I am supposed to talk to the towns people about some stuff and there's nobody to talk to at the marker destinations.
So far -

No quest arrows showing direction about 20% of the time. Exit game and restart they're there. - this happened 4 or 5 times so far.

Formulas disappearing from inventory. Once so far, emptied my formulas completely.

NPC no shows as you mentioned.

Monsters disappearing in the middle of a battle - several times on this one now.

Monsters turning their backs in battle and just standing there. Easy kills I guess, so far just nekkars and drowners.

All little bugs except for the kayran - it won't let me kill it.
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