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Question X how do i install the nvidia drivers

I dont have the abilty to go through GUI, so i installed with "linux text". Because my video card isn't supported with RH. (It starts up, and the screen goes black*)

I have tried booting with the first cdrom.
this is what I have tried doing.

# linux rescue
# mount /mnt/sysimage
# mount /mnt/cdrom
# cd /mnt/cdrom
# ls
# sh *.run


"No precompiled kernal interface was found to match your kernal..."

however when I do this - there is an error about compling the kernal - and it tried to go on nvidia's website to get the kenal. Needless to say it didn't find anything.


Also, i do not have a boot disk. I would like to create one without reinstall.

And - im very new to linux so lend me slack
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