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Too much unknown atm, though it must have good hardware if it can run battlefield 3. Controller is weird as hell, but then so was the Wii controller, and it won the last gen, with everyone else trying to copy it 4 years later...
Battlefield 3 was never announced... they ran footage but never said it was coming to the console. Actually, they didn't announce any games other then saying they can't wait to support it.

I bet it still behind the X360 and PS3 on processing power. I don't think we will be seeing companies copy this remote, heck all Sony needs to do is have PSV integrate with PS3 titles (which they stated it can do).

The controller is too big, they should have done less with it. It looks to me that they saw what cellphones were doing and just threw all that in there. I mean they only announced a single game for it and will only have tech demos on show. Pretty poor unveil of the console.

I want to also know how the system will handle some functionality like swapping from TV to controller display when someone changes the channel. What happens if its a game that uses the controller screen for inventory or secondary gameplay? Will it still switch and lose functionality or not be compatible with that functionality?
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