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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post

I bet it still behind the X360 and PS3 on processing power. I don't think we will be seeing companies copy this remote, heck all Sony needs to do is have PSV integrate with PS3 titles (which they stated it can do).
I would find that highly unlikely, I would guess they are at least 50% ahead of 360/PS3 on the processing front. That last part doesn't make sense, using the PSV as a remote for PS3 games would be exactly copying this remote, lol. Except I'd bet the controller doesn't cost $250-$300, like the PSV.

Reports I've read say its all 1080p on the TV, which certainly puts it above the 360/PS3 which are averaging below 720p most of the time. I would wager the controller screen is exactly a quarter of that, 960x540p.
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