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I would find that highly unlikely, I would guess they are at least 50% ahead of 360/PS3 on the processing front. That last part doesn't make sense, using the PSV as a remote for PS3 games would be exactly copying this remote, lol. Except I'd bet the controller doesn't cost $250-$300, like the PSV.
Well can't be copying since Sony did announce it way before Wiiu was even mentioned. Also using the PSV would give the ability to untether from the PS3 and continue gaming away from the console while the controller for the Wiiu is that, just a controller... if your not near the console it doesn't do anything, its not a portable gaming unit.

As for power of the system, after seeing the Tech Demo they showed off I really doubt its more powerful then the X360 and PS3. The bird Tech Demo did not look like anything the X360 and PS3 couldn't already do and even if it is 25%-50% more powerful a lot of that processing power will be used on the controller.

Btw the screen is resistive and has bad view angles and color quality... so it wont even support multi-touch.

I also don't think Zelda will look that good, it was a non playable rendered demo much like they had for the Cube prior to its release.

oh and the system is not even scheduled till 2012 (probably near Xmass 2012) so whatever graphics edge they will gain will be lost in a years time if not less.

mojoman0, Im guessing it works similar to playon but alot simpler. I doubt they will have a web browser and enable Youtube on it. Maybe if it gets hacked but again im guessing its range wont be that good since the controller is connecting to the base unit.
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