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The PSV can't do half of the stuff that the Wii U controller can, and it's ridiculous to even claim it can. So, yes, I have no doubt that both Sony and Microsoft will come up with something to try and ride the coattails of this device. Stick your head in the sand all you want, but Kinect and Move are both around because of the Wii.
Yes the PSV can do everything the Wii U Controller can... and technically more thanks to Multitouch display and internal hardware allowing you to game away from the console. The PSP was able to act as a second display for the PS3, why wouldn't the PSV? Heck ever hear of Remote Play for the PSP?

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And you're right, the developers say the Wii U is more powerful, but you know better than them that ports will look worse on the system.
Yeah because ports on the PS3 always looked better then the X360 counterparts even though we have developers on the record stating that the PS3 was more powerful then the X360...

And again, even if the system is more powerful to achieve the level of graphics the PS3 and X360 put out while mirroring the graphics on two displays it would need to be by a significant margin, not just 50%.

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People call me a Sony fanboy, but you take the cake. And now I'm a Nintendo fanboy? Hilarious! If this thing had Sony stamped on the side of it you'd have sex with it.
You just can't see that this console is nothing new and is just piecing together what has already been done. There is NOTHING innovative presented here. They took what has already been done by multiple devices and made a single console from it.

zoomy942, The Wii changed how we game? I still use a controller with dual analogs... I still see Call of Duty on the X360 outselling any waggle game by a large margin... don't think it changed anything other then bringing gaming to the mainstream.
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