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Sony can't rip off the Wiiu since THEY ALREADY COULD DO THAT. The PSV has that capability and they showed off using a second screen when the PSP was announced... Sony worked on Motion Controllers before the Wii was even announced, They introduced AR before the 3DS, they offered controller-less gaming before Kintec.

Just like Nintendo fan boys to claim originality and think everyone copies them when in reality Nintendo just rushes out products and fixes issues later down the road... WiiMotion Plus anyone? They promised 1:1 motion that they couldn't deliver and then fixed it a few years later...
LOL, you really this threatened by this Magus? Afterall, if its a sh!tty product as you seem to already think after five seconds of tech demos, then it will fail, right? No need for your almighty going-on-9-times-hacked sony to get its panties in a bunch, right?

Or... it already looks like a good product, but we'll have to wait and see. I can already see the makings of Wii-like success though, if they play their cards right.

Yes the PSV can do everything the Wii U Controller can... and technically more thanks to Multitouch display and internal hardware allowing you to game away from the console. The PSP was able to act as a second display for the PS3, why wouldn't the PSV? Heck ever hear of Remote Play for the PSP?
Of course a $250-300 handheld console with hardware inside can do more than $50-60 controller. The $250 price tag though will insure it never actually gets used as such.
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