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LOL, you really this threatened by this Magus? Afterall, if its a sh!tty product as you seem to already think after five seconds of tech demos, then it will fail, right? No need for your almighty going-on-9-times-hacked sony to get its panties in a bunch, right?

Or... it already looks like a good product, but we'll have to wait and see. I can already see the makings of Wii-like success though, if they play their cards right.
No threat, rather a headache from people getting all drooling over this when it has been done already. They show off the same ****ing games and everyone acts like the games are flawless. I am tired of doing the same **** every Zelda. Twilight Princess was a perfect example that its getting tired and their formula needs a change.

Honestly, I think Nintendo is on the bottom of the roller coaster this time. They are getting ****y thanks to the instant success of the Wii (yet no staying power) and it shows with the 3DS. They priced it too high thinking everyone would buy it no matter what and its sales show... people wont put up with it.

I think the same will happen here, Nintendo will price it at $299+ and it wont sell. If Sony and MS play smart they will show off their next consoles towards the end of this year and by E3 with a later 2012 launch or mid 2013 launch.
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