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Originally Posted by slaWter View Post
The integration is great between all the devices, really impressive if that all works as advertised.

Good to see Nintendo is at it again. That stuff makes consoles good. Not the crap MS or Sony try to sell and then end up copying from Nintendo after all.

I don't think the controller will put much load on the main unit. It needs a processing unit anyway to handle the "peripherals" and communication. With so many powerful SoCs around, it can handle even more complex gaming stuff easily.
I'm curious to see how much that controller will cost. A 4 player session might be pretty expensive if everyone needs a controller for a certain game...
Yea I can't see a single person wanting to buy 4 of those controllers, but it looks like Nintendo already has that covered. It might be possible to use your current wii mote with the system, or they might have an updated controller without the screen in it. So you might lose out on some of the cool functions for multiplayer gameplay, but everyone can still play. The nice thing is if another friend has the system they could always just bring over a controller and then both of you could get that experience. I'd have to say they are planning on it given they put a big sync button right on the front of the console unit. One press on there and one press on the back of your controller and you should be in business.

Originally Posted by MagNus
You just can't see that this console is nothing new and is just piecing together what has already been done. There is NOTHING innovative presented here. They took what has already been done by multiple devices and made a single console from it.
That's part of the beauty though. No one has done it yet. Why reinvent the wheel when you can take those features that already work and combine them to make an even better product. As it stands right now there is not a single console that can interact like the WiiU can. The PS3 and Vita could do that, but it's a question of whether or not it will. For example, my PS3 can clearly use a keyboard and mouse, yet none of the games support it.
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