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Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
Yes the PSV can do everything the Wii U Controller can... and technically more thanks to Multitouch display and internal hardware allowing you to game away from the console. The PSP was able to act as a second display for the PS3, why wouldn't the PSV? Heck ever hear of Remote Play for the PSP?

Yeah because ports on the PS3 always looked better then the X360 counterparts even though we have developers on the record stating that the PS3 was more powerful then the X360...

And again, even if the system is more powerful to achieve the level of graphics the PS3 and X360 put out while mirroring the graphics on two displays it would need to be by a significant margin, not just 50%.

You just can't see that this console is nothing new and is just piecing together what has already been done. There is NOTHING innovative presented here. They took what has already been done by multiple devices and made a single console from it.

All of this is so wrong I don't even know where to start:

1) The Vita is a completely separate device, and Remote Play isn't even remotely similar to what was displayed with the Wii U controller. You are talking about the difference between an integrated device and two complete separate pieces of hardware working together. Please show me ANY example of the PSP or Vita doing anything but working as a remote or cloning the screen with the PS3. Besides, what moron is going to pay $250-300 dollars to use their Vita as a PS3 controller? And what developers, outside of Sony, would even bother supporting such a setup? It's a pipe dream, and a lame attempt to try and steal Nintendo's thunder.

2) PS3 multi-platform games looked worse because the console is a bitch to code for. If the PS3 were as easy to code for as the 360 this wouldn't be the case. Basically you are using a completely different issue to defend your position.

3) Nonsense. First off the Wii U controller won't "mirror" anything in most games. It will show completely separate information than what is on the big screen, or it shows exactly what is on the screen when the screen is turned off. The thing could be exactly the same power as the PS3 or 360 and pull this off with no problem. All it does is take things that could be rendered on the main screen and puts them on the little screen. Take the Zelda demo for example, the inventory, which would normally be displayed on the tv is being displayed on the controller...same coding, same overhead, just output to a different device. The games that do get mirrored are games like Super Mario Brothers, which could be rendered 5 times over with PS3/360 quality hardware with no problems whatsoever.

First it's "they didn't announce a single game" then it's "it's less powerful than a 360" and "the screen is low quality", which btw has also been proven false from multiple people who have hands-on experience with the device. When those are shot down you come up with new nonsense, and I'm sure you'll puke up a few new arguements based on this post.

I don't even know why I bothered, the minute you called me a Nintendo fanboy I knew there was no point having a discussion with you about this because you're not a sane person. Basically, your entire presence in this thread is garbage, your arguments keep shifting to suit your agenda and it's failing miserably.

Enjoy the rest of the thread. Can't wait to see you in 3 years when you pimping the same stuff with a Sony label printed on it! Ya know, after they copy Nintendo...again!

Originally Posted by Ninja Prime View Post
LOL, you really this threatened by this Magus? Afterall, if its a sh!tty product as you seem to already think after five seconds of tech demos, then it will fail, right? No need for your almighty going-on-9-times-hacked sony to get its panties in a bunch, right?
Of course he's threatened. He probably threw the same type of tantrum and called the Wii a failure when it came out as well. This thing is going to sell like crazy and he can't stand it because it doesn't have Sony written on the box. Unfortunately for him, this is just the beginning and he'll be hearing about the Wii U for many years to come.
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