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Default Re: Nintendo Wiiu

IMO, it comes down to the games, not the hardware or experience. You can bring the new Wii home, hook it up and get ready to play, but then you'll realize that there are no quality games to play. Oh darn.

Don't get me wrong. I own a Wii and I think games like Wii Resort are a blast with people there in person. But what happens when I want to play a single player game? Not very many games I've played on the Wii aren't that great by yourself. Or a blockbuster game like Call of Duty or Battlefield? If you are lucky, you will get a stripped down crappy version that isn't worth $1. What about MP? When NBA Jam came out for the Wii, I was super stoked . . . but then I heard about how they cut MP out of the Wii version.

I just think that if the software/games aren't there, you are just wasting your time and money. Give me the platform where there are some good games or else playing it is just pointless.

I kinda regret buying a Wii TBH, but the times my friends and I have felt like playing it, it's been fun. But that's not to say that I could've borrowed my neighbors Wii console for the night. Ya know?
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