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Originally Posted by six_storm View Post
IMO, it comes down to the games,
I agree completely. I bought my Wii for two reasons: first party titles, and those casual party games to play with large groups of people. Other than that, you're right, there isn't anything worth playing on the system.

That's also where I think this system will differ. There are already more AAA type core games announced right now for the U than are available on the Wii in total. The entire reason the Wii lost core developers was due to a low powered, low resolution system, and that's not the case here. Any game that can be run on the PS3/360 can be run on this system, possibly even better, and there is really no reason why that won't happen.

Also when you consider the fact that we won't be seeing new consoles from either Sony or Microsoft until, most likely, 2014, the U will have quite a head start, which will help it out quite a bit...just ask Microsoft.
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