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Default Re: Battlefield 3 News/Info

Tank footage show at EA press conference is possibly the first mission in the game
New suppression system -
Operation Metro - rush gamemode, close combat, play as U.S. Marines, take on Russian forces in heart of Paris, infantry focus
Operation Metro objective is to take back Stock Exchange
Team Deatchmatch, Conquest, Rush gamemodes confirmed
Battle Log - hub for social Battlefield experience
4 classes tuned for teamplay - Assault (medic abilities), Engineer (anti-vehicle, repair), Support (give ammo, suppressive fire), Recon (main focus supplying intel)
Heavily focused on unlocks, more than any Battlefield game, customization key
Engineer has flashlight under-slung on weapon for lighting up area, blinding enemy
Every weapon has 3 customization slots (barrels, etc)
Support solider has bi-pod - placed on any surface in game (more accuracy)
New feature called Suppression - all the bullets you fire at an enemy affect them regardless if you hit them or not. All the bullets you fire that get close enough will start to reduce their combat efficiency. Squad can then flank the enemy and you will receive a Suppression score.
Jets, boats, tanks, helicopters confirmed
LAV-25 Light Armored Vehicle confirmed, also in Operation Metro
Dog tags - fully customizable, dynamically updated, only obtainable from knife kills in the back
Knifing system more dramatic, spectacular

On the death screen it now displays statistics of how many times you have killed the person who killed you and how man times they killed you (e.g. 2-1)
When deployed it displays on the bottom of the screen a countdown of when a squad member can spawn on you, and when they spawn who it is
Most of the rifles that we played with had 3 fire mode : automatic, semi-automatic, and single shot
After you are killed the health of the person who killed you is shown as a heath bar over their head
When your in a vehicle and stopped the camera begins to shake from the rattling of the engine
Flashlight can blind you momentary if someone points it directly at you
100 points for killing someone, 10 extra points for a headshot, 100 points for reviving
In order to revive you must hover over the dead body and hold down left mouse button while your character rubs the paddles together and charges them before the player is revived
2 grenades were given by default
In order to knife in this build of the game you need to press “f” to do “quick knife”. When pressed you enter into an animation that will pull you close to your enemy and you will grab their head and execute them by slitting their throat
You can only obtain an enemy’s dog tag if the “quick knife” command is done when you are behind your enemy
The knife seems more like a switchblade than the classic knife we are used to
Commo rose is not in the build we played. EA wouldn't give us a firm yes or not when asked if it would be in the final version of the game
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