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Default Re: Official BRINK Feedback Thread

I think you mean this patch...

• Fixed font corruption issue
• Removed look-at code when throwing items to team mates
• Fixed players getting stuck if they attempted to deploy mid-mantle
• Fixed multiple clicks being played when player jumps in multiplayer
• Mines are now visible to spectators
• Added support for minimizing the game when running in windowed mode
• net_clientMaxRate can now be set on a client to tweak its own bandwidth requirements
• Cheat-protected several potentially exploitable cvars
• Removed some old, unused cvars
• Added unsupported auto-save backup system for advanced users
- Can read backup saves by setting "save_readFile" to the desired save
- Setting “save_enableBackups” to 0 will disable the auto-save backups

User Interface
• Revamped the server browser
• Server browser filters are now remembered between sessions
• Server browser now auto-refreshes the currently selected server
• Ping is now displayed numerically on the scoreboard
• Map loading screen now displays server name and IP
• Tweaked UI flow when joining a match via Steam
• Fixed exploit that allowed players to use locked customization items
• Fixed issue when listening to one audio log but highlighting another
• Fixed connecting to servers with ‘–‘ in their names

• Tweaked objective times on several maps
• Increased the time it takes Engineers to remove a Hackbox
• Increased XP given for completing Primary Objectives
• Reduced the duration of Adrenaline buff

Dedicated Servers
• Fixed several dedicated server crashes
• Improved messaging for unexpected server shutdowns
• Reduced warning spam in dedicated server console
• Increased default net_serverSnapshotDelay to 3 (from 1)
- Lowers bandwidth & CPU usage by sending fewer snapshots each seconds; can be changed by server admins
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