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Default Re: Duke's Gonna Be Mad, Duke Nukem Forever Leaks A Week Early

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Not for PC though of course, as usual consoles, PS3 and Xbox 360 again...and we get blamed for piracy. Irony.

For those of you that are planning on picking up Duke Nukem Forever it's time to put up those spoiler guards. Pirates have already released a full version of the game, leaving the floodgates open for spoilerific activities of all sorts in the coming week. Duke Nukem Forever was meant to be under wraps for most of the world on June 10th, and the US June 14th, but all that has obviously changed.

Of course once again it's the Xbox 360 version of a major game hitting pirate channels first, something that publishers used to bash the PC platform over as some sort of excuse to shift their focus away. It leaves me wondering just when publishers are going to start to acknowledge the console problem, or does it not matter as long as copies are still flying off shelves?
PC gets blamed for piracy because the sales on the platform are far lower then the other platforms so its more of a hit. I bet you when Duke Nukem does release on the net for the PC you will see three times the traffic on the PC version over the console.