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I don't get the fanboy crap you girls masturbate to. Each company has their market they are focusing on. You don't like it, don't buy it but what is with the idiotic, moronic, pathetic crying and erection comparing? This is why I say gamers in general are the most pathetic group in the world. They are never happy and feel the need to piss all over everything to stake out their territory. In the end we have crybaby fanboys with NO talent of their own to make any of the gear or games they use and play crying the loudest. I like Magus, he's a good guy but his type of attitude in this industry is what I hate the most.

I think the PSVita is a fantastic looking system. I might pick one up for me and my son. A few years ago my son would have been all over the Wii U thing. Now he is in a different market than Nintendo is going for. I just like looking at all the new stuff. It doesn't matter if I will buy it or not. It all advances our hobby in one way or another.
I can say the same with you in regards to politics.
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