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I think it is naive to assume a device that is five to six years older then the PS3 or XB360 wouldn't be more powerful. Heck, a low end Nvidia GPU that is less then 75 dollars has a more powerful GPU then the PS3 or XB360. Thus, games will look better on the Wii U if optimized for it. I suspect it will have DirectX 9/10 graphics and be a capable system. A decent PC will absolutely slaughter it, as they have been doing to the Sony and Microsoft consoles for years. What will be interesting is when the PS4 and XB720 (or whatever) are announced. Hopefully, by the time they are announced Directx 11(+) graphics may be a reality in a console system.

Thus, although I like my PS3 and XB360, I am not stupid enough to claim their superiority over a machine that is five years newer. It is not realistic. However, XB360 and PS3 have a lot of life in them yet, and it is not inconceivable that in the next 4-5 years they will surpass the original Wii. Let's face it, soccer moms, wimpy males, and girls are what sold that piece of junk. The software was useless. At least the big designers will put forth some effort to suppport the Wii U. Peace
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