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Default Re: Duke's Gonna Be Mad, Duke Nukem Forever Leaks A Week Early

Originally Posted by ViN86 View Post
That's why you didn't bother? Not because it's stealing and it's illegal?

You need to grow up.
Its ironicly said. Thats first.

Originally Posted by |MaguS| View Post
He probably still will, I really doubt his preorder claim. He is a known pirate and a deebag.
I dont know whats problems You always have with me.
I am stupid to get in a disscussion with You but here is my preorder site.. Not that I have to proove anything to anyone.

I am not sure why it says 14th not 10th. But Ive emailed them and they siad that I should be able to pick it up tomorrow
IEdit: Nevermind. I was doing internet whining here and getting upset by other users
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