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Default Re: Duke's Gonna Be Mad, Duke Nukem Forever Leaks A Week Early

Originally Posted by DiscipleDOC View Post
What's there to sort out? There is a link to a publication about how Duke was leaked. that's it. If there was talk about how a person has a copy of this game, then I would step in. If a person would talk about where to get the leaked game, then I would step in.

You're right about the fanboys though. People need to calm down and stop acting like 8 year-old kids.
I guess your right, if theres already a publication on the leak then chances are it will spread like wildfire over the net, a thread about it on nvnews wont stop nothing. Just annoys me that there is always so much talk about piracy that it is starting to come common place and the same people that are complaining about piracy this and leak that are the same people who cry about DRM....the irony kills me.
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