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Default Re: Duke's Gonna Be Mad, Duke Nukem Forever Leaks A Week Early

Originally Posted by mailman2 View Post
Its an article about how it leaked... you guys are making way too much out of it. I just find it funny that PC gamers are coined as the pirates, yet every console game leaks and leaks early. Thats the irony that kills me.
These days, leaked media is not really news worthy imo. We all know that **** gets leaked and the pennyless tramps will take advantage of that. What is annoying is pointing the finger...gamers in general are not pirates its the stupid retard crackers that are to blame. How can anyone blame a platform for piracy...its just stupid.

I ranted because these threads are getting old and at the end of the day a gamer is a gamer regardless of platform and these retard crackers/pirates are hurting everyone who games, not just the creators/publishers.

Piracy is not platform specific and the Dev's/Publishers should know better....I have seen devices that were used to copy content from snes games to floppy disk years ago...Fact is, if PC's weren't used as much to do the actual (downloading) then another device would come along to allow us to still 'copy' content.

I do believe though that some devs deserve to have their content cracked.....and for the statement that Kaotic came out with about how the PC community is very small and that activision cater for the majority instead of for all or just for PC like he accused EA/DICE of with BF3.

If the PC community is so small then maybe Kaotic wouldn't mind if every PC gamer got there copy for nothing...Totally against piracy on all platforms but totally all for every PC gamer to obtain MW3 by other means.
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