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Default Re: Get a free Xbox 360 if you buy a Windows PC $699+

Best Buy, Amazon, Dell, HP and the Microsoft Store are honoring this but each one has different rules. Best Buy for instance has it where only laptop purchases of $699.99 and up are eligible.
HP has you paying $690 and up for a PC but only certain PCS are eligible...
HP Offer Details
Qualifying PCs:
Product Offer Inclusions:

Laptops: dm4x, dv6tse, dv6tq, dv7tq, tm2t, Envy 14, Envy 14 Beats, Envy 17, Envy 173D.
Desktops: 610z, 610t, 610xt, 610q, h8t, h8z, h8xt, h8qe, h8se, 200-5250, 310-1020, 510f, 500f, 600-1350, 610-1030, 570f, 600-1370, 610-1050, 600-1390.
Product Offer Exclusions:
Laptops: g6s, g6t, g4t, g7t, g6x, dm1z, dv4t, dv5t, dm3t, dm4t, dv6t, dv6z Select Edition, dv7t, ProBook 4520s, ProBook 4530s, EliteBook 8440p, 110-3530, 210-2170NR, 210-2160NR, 210-2130NR, CQ62-410us, dm1-3020us, g6-1a52nr, g42-410us, dm3-3110us, g4-1010us, g4-1020us, dv6-3210us, g6-1a69us, g7-1070us, dv6-3230us, dv5-2230us, dm4-1160us, dv6-3240us, dv6-3250us, dm4-1277sb, dv7-4277nr, tm2-2150us, dv74280us, dv6-6091nr, Envy 14-1210NR, Envy14-1260SE, dv7-4295us, Envy17-2070NR, Envy17-2090NR.
Desktops: p67 series, p7 series, s57 series, s5 series, 500z, 510t, hp8m, Omni 100t, Omni 100z, Omni 200t, 310z, CQ5720f, CQ5700f, S5730f, S5710f, S5660f, p6750f, p6740f, p6730f, p6710f, Omni 100-5155, Omni 100-5050, CQ1-2025, CQ1-1225.

We bought a 610-1030y from Best Buy this weekend and they wouldn't let us get the free XBOX. I told my wife we should order online through HP but of course she didn't want to have to wait for it to be shipped so we lost out on a free XBOX.
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