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Default GTX 465 and Fan Speed

I have a Galaxy GTX 465 and the fan speed stays at 50% unless I raise or lower it. I have not an do not plan to put it lower than 50%. I don't have air conditioning and the other day it got to 90F (32C) in side. I was watching hdtv with mythtv and the gpu got up to 72C (162F) which I'd rather it no be that high. So I decided to write a perl script to adjust the fan speed based on performance levels. This works so long that I start nvidia-settings and click agree for fan adjustment. Driver version is 270.41.19. Can we at least get a command line option to nvidia-settings to agree. I know I could try to do it as the source for nvidia-settings is available on nVidia's servers, but really want the gpu to scale on its own. Sny chance of this?
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