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Question Driver version for GeForce 210

I currently have a GeForce 210 and the driver version that the website points me to is
256.53 with a release date of 2010.08.31, isn't this a bit old????

What I wanted to know is if it's ok if I use driver version 270.41.19 which I have already tested and seems to work better on another linux partition (Debian to be more specific), because I am having problems with a libcairo library that doesn't render transparencies very well with the 256.53 driver, but when I use 270.41.19 it all renders perfectly fine!

In ubuntu the only issue I have with the newer driver is flash objects in firefox, if I minimize firefox, segments of the flash object display on my desktop

That flash bug doesn't happen in the Debian partition with 270.41.19 or in ubuntu with 256.53.

So my main question is if it is ok and safe to use another driver for another GPU?

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