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Originally posted by NAZCA M12
Careful there! Because if i'm bitching about it, your repeated ass-kissing attitude makes me think you're a major shareholder of ISA. Likewise, the fact that you loved it, doesn't mean that whoever disagrees with you is an ignorant or something. Yes, you got that right, i don't like a lot of things about it. So do a couple of thousands of people as well (who also signed for the game to be delayed) who had the same expectations with me only to apparently, get a port of the Xbox version, badly rushed to the PC with Q&A testing made by Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles (apologies to them, no disrespect meant). If you think i'm the only one here, read the thread again. You can always go to the ISA forum and ask what's wrong with the PC version of the game. But seriously now, you've got a great excuse. That one...
1. I never said I loved the game. I said that it was worth checking out for the story and that the bugs (to me) were tolerable for it. Pleasantly surprised is a far cry from loved.

2. I never said that anyone who disagrees with me is ignorant, nor do I think it. To assume that would be ignorant.

3. I know lots of people don't like this game. I know that a lot of disappointment is going around about this game. Big deal, it happens for every game. Someone is always unhappy about something in some game. I thought Call of Duty was mediocre at best, you don't like DE2, so what. The point is, bitching about it on and on is not going to do any good.

As for my 'excuse', it's not excuse, it's pretty much a truth. How many sequels can you think of off the top of your head that were as good as or better than the first of their series? Not many can you? So you tell me, who's making excuses?

All in all, I think you need to do some hard thinking before you post next on this. Really.
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