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Default Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

Originally Posted by Pennyboy View Post
I agree, way over priced. I picked up Dirt 3 for half the price and got a free copy of Dirt 2 to boot. 2 guns is a really big deal, it would annoy me too much and those graphics haha early 2000 looking.
early 2000? Now this man needs his eyes checked

Ok. Now I am exiting forums for real:P I just cant stop myself from defending the game. I guess its fanboy feel Hell, it feels good

Anyway. I hope for some good reviews, becouse If there will be only 5/10 and less.
I have to agree. It lacks that polishing and sharper textures but its not that bad.

Ok. I am going quiet for now - Have to let other people speak their opinion
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