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One thing that is very strange is that they have a controller that is essentially a crippled tablet. You cannot use the tablet away from the Wii U as it has not discrete GPU or processor I believe. Moreover, when I am gaming on a flat screen from six-eight feet away why in the world would I divert my attention to the controller screen. It removes the immersion from the gaming experience. Moreover, the controller looks kind of bulky like a IPAD2 but much uglier. I know I get tired of holding a IPAD after a bit and put it on a stand of some sort. Strange decision.

As I said before the guts may actually be decent and the console have some improved power over the PS3 or XB360. However, i seriously doubt anyone who is serious would want to game with that controller. Also, do we know if it will output true 1080p or be limited to 720p and then interpolated up to 1080p??? Seriously, is this really gonna be competition to the PS4 or XB360??? Hell, a moderate PC from today would probaby annihilate it. Some years ago, a hgh end PC could not touch the latest console for a year or two.
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