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Default Re: Recovering Photos From A Bad DVD+R

Originally Posted by nekrosoft13 View Post
200gb of picture files , JPG and RAW files take a lot of space.

plus I would never trust a cloud like service to keep my files secure, you never know in what hands it might end up.

Like i said I have my pictures in four places, on 4 seperate hdds, its unlikelly for all 4 hdds to die at the same time.
I use Fabrik Backup (one more to add to that post. I just forgot their name at the time) and I have 350GB backed- up with them. $5/month, unlimited space. Limited by your transmission speed and the time you have...
Files are all encrypted before transmission. If you are really paranoid, you can provide your own key (instead of letting them generate one). Downside is that if you lose your key, no-one else can decrypt your files...

I'd say cloud backup service are A-OK already and probably safer than storing files on your own PC. As I RAID/backup locally too, I have never had to recover yet... I take it as an insurance on my data.
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