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I'd agree the other systems have better games in general but the Wii's (admittedly few) first party games make it worth the asking price.

This new system looks very odd and the controller especially looks very uncomfortable and gimmicky. You made a good point about looking from your TV screen to the controller breaking immersion and I still don't understand how this tablet-controller is supposed to enhance gameplay aside from adding unnecessary complexity to the game's controls. I'm reminded of Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow and its pointless "trace lines to kill the boss" sections.
I use to think that but after playing Mario Kart and Zelda for the 10th time with only minor changes to their gameplay I cannot see the value anymore. After seeing the Skyward Sword gameplay I am just so not interested in it. Its basically Wind Waker with flight, I mean they even mentioned that you will have to return the the main island multiple times throughout the story... ugh.
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