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I guess the point I am trying to make is that Nintendo is showing great hubris with this console. Granted, they dominated the last gen so far, but over the last year the XB360 has absolutely spanked them. PS3 is also doing fairly well and nobody knows where the race will end in ten years time....the lifespan of the console.

However, I digress. Essentially, Nintendo has brought this pseudo-tablet to the market, because they want to be different and "innovative." However, the iPAD/iPAD2 crushes them and does it better. Gamers don't give a flick about the screen when its influence on whats on your big screen is irrelevant, or worse distracting. I hope XB360 and PS3 have some sort of Steam service fully implemented along with terabyte HD's so you can just download the game on day one for a discount or pay a little more for the pretty box . Moreover, I want DirectX11 or more in my next console with AA and AF (for definitions search the web). Nvidia GTX480/580 or better power with all the bells or whistles. IF 3D is your thing then full support.

That is truly next gen. The WiiU is just evolutionary and nothing that special IMO.
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