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Default Re: Background corrupted after resuming from suspend

Originally Posted by sandipt View Post
NVIDIA filed Bug ID: 816457 to track this issue for GNOME3 gnome-shell.
Thks =) Some additional info:
  • yesterday for the first time this bug didn't happen when I resumed after the computed had been suspended for a couple of hours, so it doesn't happen 100% of the times. I can't recall doing anything different, though :-(
  • coincidence or not, this time when it resumed ok I was able to power off my computer -- usually it shuts down but doesn't power off, but so far I was thinking this was a kernel bug unrelated to the graphics driver (I even filed bug 712060 regarding this on Fedora's Bugzilla)
Please let me know if I can help with any additional info.

BTW: is NVIDIA's bug tracker open?
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