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Originally posted by RoachMojo
I loved DX1. DXIW has major performance issues...and I had a lot of issues with the changes, and it's very obvious case of console-itis...but I eventually got over it, got into the game, and finished it, and it was awesome.

Not nearly as awesome as DX, but still awesome.

Yeah, I was pissed at first, and even got banned from Eidos forums a few days ago for voicing my "opinion".
I noticed quite a few bannings going on over there Personally, I've been a big fan of DX and always list it as my #1 in polls.......that said, I followed all the interviews & knew there were going to be things I wouldn't like in DX2.........however, I chose to keep an open mind & will make my final comments after I play the game, whenever UPS decides to deliver it.

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