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Originally Posted by XDanger View Post
the controller looks like a handheld gamecube mod

I expect the 3D version will be the next iteration.
It reminds me of these products.

I don't get why people hate Nintendo so much. it is mostly 20 something guys that have a bug up their butt about Nintendo. They know Nintendo is not aimed at the single 20-35 male but they still get on their case about it. It is weird. If you know the products are not targeted towards you then why do you worry about them?

And who cares which system sold more? If it has games I want to play I'll pick up the system. Frankly I think we are completely spoiled in the video game hobby and that is the problem. To many 20 something kids who think they are adults are spoiled with all the choices in hardware and software. Pfft, I remember when all you had was pong or the body tables at the arcade.
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