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Ok Zelda , I figured you would have been the first response. Let's go through the math if you will. The Wii, while wildly popular with pre-pubescent children (ala Zelda) and soccer moms, was abandoned en masse by all the big name publishers. Name me a game besider Mario Galaxy (I believe) that had any mass appeal. The biggest games were party games. The graphics sucked and barely better then the Gamecube. No HD. Financial success, but critically very weak. Best games hands down are on the XB360 and then the PS3.

The Wii U...reinventing the wheel again. Funky controller, questionable power considering it is released five years after the other guys, and still no Blu Ray. Proprietary CD/DVD tech. Limited tablet if it were fifty percent of a IPAD2 then cool...but alas it is not. I just don't see it. The average twelve year will jump for joy but get your average 20-40 year old gamer and it is not a console you are salivating over.

Personally, I am waiting for the XB720 or PS4. They may be revolutionary. The WiiU is just an update on what the Wii should have been five years ago. Have fun with NintendoDogs 2
Your problem is that you cannot fathom how anyone other than an eLiTE pCg4MAR! would be interested in playing a video game. Hardcore gamers are a very tiny, small percentage of the population, and their ideal system is on the other side of the planet compared to what the public wants. I hate to break it to you nico, but people other than pencil dick nerds have an interest in playing video games. The general public does not give a **** that a game runs in 1080p or has "megatextures" or horse**** like that.

Example A: I dated a girl a few months ago (something you ought to try sometime), and she had a Wii at her apartment. She asked me if I wanted to play a game and I said sure, so she popped in "Michael Jackson Dance Moves." From a technical standpoint, it was a very badly designed game with low production values, but you know what? It was a lot of fun because I was interacting with A GIRL as opposed to beating off to porn like most ElIT3 pC G4M4R$$$ do.

That is the value of systems like the Wii and the WiiU. They provide an option to people who don't want to sit in front of a display monitor for eight hours hardcore and play the latest "God of War" title.
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