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IIRC you were spanking it to every MGS release, gameplay has been cloned since the first one on PSX. FF games have been about the same since 7 onwards, you still seem to like those. I remember you saying "zomg god of war 3 looks better than anything on 360, it looks better than gears of war 3, its the best game every made and its so new and fresh!!!11" even though nothing has changed since the first, hell it could be one long game. I could go on, but your bias is there for Nintendo's first party games, which admitted by all(except you) are some of the best games ever made, every time, but not for any of Sonys games, that are essentially the same thing.

Just sayin'.
You clearly never played MGS3 and MGS4 since the gameplay in those two were drastically different from the first 2. Hell MGS3 was a huge departure from any of them with the survival element in the mix.

No the FF series has changed... while the basic premise is usually the same (save the world from a great threat) they have changed the battle systems and gameplay enough to make them feel different. I don't know how you can compare Final Fantasy to Zelda... Zelda uses the same weapons in every release and even has the same temples, just different layouts. Final Fantasy changes completely... Hell FFXIII sold poorly because people didn't like the changes.
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