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You gotta be kidding me. The FF series is nearly a CARBON COPY every single time. Don't get me wrong, I love that series, but please. The battle system is practically the same every single game.
Really? The battle system is the same? So not controlling individual chacters in XII and using a smart script is the same as VII individual control? Or the fact that placement of the characters affected which enemy they could attack? Or how about the magic system is class bass and that characters can be developed to play completely different from each other while in VII every character is the same other then damage output and what materia they have equipped.

Even subtle changes like making the story not about the lead character have been done in the Final Fantasy series but in Zelda is ALWAYS the same thing, Same weapons and same temples. All they change is the layout and maybe the order you receive the weapons. And since wind waker they all seem to be mimicking the idea that you need to return to a central point multiple times in the story...

Yes every game has it staples that might not drastically change, Final Fantasy has its airships and the character CID. Or Zelda has Epona or Link/Zelda relationship but the Zelda series really has stopped trying and its not hard to see that. It would be so easy to change it up with a single switch... let us play as Zelda.
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