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Nice argument. Misguided but nice try. The card works for me, so half your argument is out already. And then...

Actually I purchased the card FOR its utility as a Windows video card (not its linux support), but frankly I don't believe the driver support is better in Windows for the features that I use and have tested. The fact that I do not use, nor intend to use twinview and tv-out functionality obviously does effect my review of the drivers. I have had no significant problems enabling openGL acceleration using the linux drivers, or using framebuffer consoles for many driver revisions now.

I have always experienced better openGL performance and stability in Linux using these drivers than in Windows XP. I more often restart my machine due to / when a game crashes on Windows than I do on Linux, with the one notable exception of AA 2.0 which was just released.

I would very much prefer to have an open source driver, and yes I would endeavor to improve it myself if that was offered. The fact is, that I do not expect it to happen for some time, irregardless of the voice the linux community raises. Explanation, money. The Linux driver releases are probably as you say, a beta program. But not for the windows driver branches, and not for the linux desktop user. I am pretty certain the primary purpose behind the existence of these drivers is hardware support for nvidia cards in production environments, i.e. graphics workstations. The company has always supported gaming, and I'm sure they want to support linux gaming too, but that isn't where the company bottom line falls.

SnapIT, you're not the only one here that wants better driver support. You're also not the only one here willing to put personal effort into open source software or hardware support development. I know you know that. So don't act like it.

I personally prefer the practical view, so I am pleased to have what I'm offered at present (which incidentally does what I need it to do, quite nicely). That in no way indicates that I am completely satisfied with it. (never have I posted anything which resembles an 'excuse' for nvidia)
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