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Default Re: Doom 3 alpha looks better than final?

I have the same concern, the alpha look and feel more quality, better design and textures, better sound effects (Trent Reznor ones, I guess), the sound is very important to create a deep atmosphere and inmerse in the 3D world, the alpha makes me feel like in a horror movie so much scarier than the actual game (i.e. the machine and ambient sounds so realistic), the shotgun design is better IMHO, I missed the cutscenes, e3_intro and bathroom scenes is what I spected to see in final game. Another graphic difference I could realize is on e3_2 in a place where you have a window you see some machines in front of you and at the same time is a semi-reflected image in the glass: you and the the zcomando coming right to you, turn around and is atacking you, so scary!. I don't know the technical name of this, but I called "glass semi-reflection real effect" is missing on final game, I suppose for the computation cost, instead of this we have a "semi reflected fixed image" not the real reflection I think.
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