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Default Re: 260.xx drivers break Java2D OpenGL pipeline

Originally Posted by ariekenb View Post
I can also confirm this bug still exists with the 260.19.29 drivers on 64-bit linux:

1. If I just set -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true, I see all swing frames are empty - no widgets are drawn (see empty_java2d_opengl_window).

2. If I set -Dsun.java2d.opengl=true and -Dsun.java2d.opengl.fbobject=false (disable frame buffer objects) this works around problem #1 and widgets are displayed (although this has known performance
This seems to be fixed for me.

Hardware: 7600 GS (overclocked)
Driver: 275.09.04 (beta)
OS: Fedora 15
Windowing System: KDE 4.6.3
JDK: 1.6.0_24

I tested NetBeans 6.9.1 with the default metal theme, Nimbus theme, and GTK theme by running:

/opt/netbeans-6.9.1/bin/netbeans --laf <look-and-feel-abbreviation> \

I've not tried Gnome 3 or WindowMaker yet, but I don't expect any differences.

. . . . just my two cents.

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