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Default I need to replace my EVGA 8800 GT for $100-$150

Hey everyone, I tried doing a bunch of research on what card to get but I give up and I'm just gonna ask here.

I built my system. Has an asus p52 deluxe mobo, intel 3.16 ghz processor, 4 gb ocz ddr2 ram. My former gpu was an evga 8800 gt. It was working fine and then died, upon inspection the heatsink vents were clogged with cat hair/dust and it toasted itself.

I liked that card, it played BFBC2 pretty well and did what I needed it to. Now, I would like to upgrade my motherboard, screen, and processor in the future but for now I just need a graphics card that is similar in performance or better than my 8800 that is around $100-$150.

My max resolution at the moment is 1650x1080, samsung 2253bw.

Thanks for your guys help.
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