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Default Re: Downsizing HTPC, Need Suggestions

ATV is jailbroken and now has Plex and XBMC on it. All I gotta say is wow. I can stream any 720P MKV from my gaming PC (wireless) onto my ATV (wireless) and the quality is 1:1. The only problem (not really a problem considering the setup) is that it takes about a whole minute to buffer. Other than that, it's perfect for me and the Wifey.

BTW, I was able to stream my vacation photos straight to my 40" LCD to show my family with minimal effort. It was amazing just to hit "Slideshow" and go through them, talking about it with the family. Also, I got my wife's iPhone out, popped up her photos that she's taken with her phone and hit "AirPlay". She was sharing her photos she took in seconds. It was incredible.

Not to open a can of worms in here, but I've never seen, heard or read of anything doing the same just as simple. It just goes to show that Apple makes some awesome quality stuff and puts some thought into their products. Yeah, they may be pricey and may not be as a power house, "open choice" company, but you have to admit that make some pretty cool stuff. Jussayin.
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