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Smile Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

Well, i got it on launch day, and i have been playing it non stop all the weekend.

I was one of those teenagers who played DN3D in year 1996 on a Pentium 1 running VESA modes.

I remember playing this game in my University years, and i remember the day in which i downloaded that E3 1998 trailer in something like 30x 3.5" floppy disks, and i brought it to my home to show it to all my buddies.

I'm almost 2x times older now, it has been a long time waiting for this new Duke Nukem game.

So, for me, the waiting has been something very special & very frustrating aswell.

Imho, 3D Realms should have released the 1st game in year 98-99 with the Quake 2 engine, then they could have released a new one in year 2002 with the UT 2.5 Engine, and another one with the UE3 Engine in year 2007+.

But they wanted to create something "perfect", and it took forever, and all the DN fans disappeared with the years, got a job, wife, kids, ... so, basically 3DR lost the wagon imho.

In spite of, i have tried the game, i have finished it, and i must say that i have enjoyed it very very much, because, i must say that i was feeling like a teenager again, remembering my old days playing DN3D.

The graphics are strange, because, some maps feature rich details, good textures, models, ... but you can see the age of the development in some low quality textures, and things like that, so, the game is really showing all the years that it has been in development. Anyway, the heavily modified UE used in this game is doing a very nice job, and some of the shaders are real good (water refraction & specular f.e.).

The gameplay is real good for me, because i'm an old player, and i like linear & simple things, and i love the weapons, the gore, the chicks, ... and the controls with keyboard mouse are accurate & precise, like in the old DN3D. This is not a game to play with a pad if you want to enjoy it, you need to be quick & precise to survive.

I also invited some of my old friends to home to watch the game after all these years, and we had a very good time playing it, and remembering our old battles with Duke Nukem.

In short, if you were a fan like i was, forget everything that you have heard, get the game & lets rock
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