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Default Re: Duke Nukeum Forever has gone Gold!

If the asking price was 29USD then yea...i agree...its a decent game...but for 80USD(AU) it is god awful, ure better off getting Brink instead.

multiplayer looks like p2p as well.
i cant even force myself to finish this game it is soo boring and there is waaay too much where ure locked into a turret and just sit there shooting...and at one point ure chopper goes down/taking hit...but ure just sitting on the chair...while some noob npc just hits a few bullets and die..

i think the video by totalhalibut just sums up how bad this game is..and what a total disaster to the nuke name.

i mean come on...take the price they are asking into considering and how awful the graphics/gameplay can be...

one thing i liked about this game was the does sound satisfying...the rest is just garbage.

i would not recommend this to anyone until the price is in the bargain bin. if u waited 12 years for this pile of ****..i am sure u can wait a few months before it hits the bargain bin. Save your money.
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