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Default Re: Backlog overload....

Originally Posted by StoNer View Post
Man I remember Beyond Good and Evil. I got to the end but I could never beat the last boss. I even had friends try to beat him but they couldn't either. I remember it being a really frustrating fight, and I had a pretty crappy controller back then too haha!

My list of games I still need to beat is shrinking rapidly as of late, but there's still plenty more to go.

NBA2k11 - Need to finish leveling up my My Player character, so he's worth a crap in multiplayer games.

Starcraft II - Need to finish the campaign. The new one is on it's way out and I'm still only halfway finished with the original one.

Arma II - Almost every single player campaign is untouched.. I don't know if I'll ever get around to doing them. I always end up just playing on servers lol

Batman Arkham Asylum - Still need to finish this one off. Great game, I wish I could run the Physx though

Dead Space 2 - Need to finish this game, but I'm scared...

Neverwinter Nights 2 - I don't know how close I am to finishing this one. I've been playing it off and on for a few years now and It just keeps going and going lol.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood - I'm about halfway through. Great game!

The Witcher 2 - About halfway through on this one too.
Out of these games Ive have only played and finished Batman, Dead Space2 and Assassins Creed Brotherhood.

All 3 are very good games, but Brotherhood was most addicting for me becouse of economics and purchasing all the shops etc and Batman had one of best sp experiences Ive ever seen
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