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Question KDE4 + Nvidia : very slow "hover" animation

Hi everyone !

Here's an issue I've experienced for months (years ?) with various KDE distros. At the moment I use a cutting-edge ArchLinux distro with everything up to date. (qt4.7.3, kde 4.6.x, nvidia 270.41.19).

I use an nvidia 9800M GTX board (1 GB ram). Everything is top smooth with it (compiz, kwin, big 3D apps like FalloutNV via WINE etc etc.)

There is only *one* thing that litterally crawls and it pretty annoying : the "hover" animation, that you can see when you move the mouse over icons in Dolphin, or over icons in the KDE file selectors.

I have no idea why, but this animation is very slow and makes the scrolling very slow if you leave the mouse over some icons when using the mouse wheel for instance (or if you select multiple files etc. in Dolphin)

It is really strange. I tried to talk about it to KDE developers, but no one seems really aware of the problem and they seem to think it's drivers related.

Do you guys have any idea what it may be due to ? Please note, it's not due to a specific distro / configuration, as I used many of them with the same issues (Kubuntu, Arch, Slack...).

One more thing : sometimes, the issue doesn't occur immediatly. Use the system a couple a minutes, then it occurs. But it can stop occuring a bit later. Overall, it occurs most of the time anyway. For instance, open a big Dolphin window with big icons, and multi-select or scroll while leaving the mouse over some icons. You will see, everything will get VERY slow.

Cheers ! :-) Apart from that, the nvidia drivers really rock !
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